Animal Nutrition Testing

Our partnership with Dairy One Laboratories brings us a modern and comprehensively equipped animal nutrition lab with over 30 years of feed testing experience.  We are excited to support their proven, superior NIR service with our world-leading wet chemistry mineral testing.  This partnership gives our customers easy access to North America's premier animal nutrition laboratory services.   

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feeds3.jpgMycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring secondary metabolites of molds and can infect various agricultural commodities in the field and postharvest. Mycotoxins pose a serious health hazard from feed and food refusal to death of humans and animals. Mycotoxins can travel up the food chain as they are not typically removed by processing. Actlabs offers Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) high quality testing using a robust method for accurate quantitation of mycotoxins. It prevents overestimation, underestimation, false positives or negatives and can be applied to a wide variety of matrices.

Mycotoxin testing will help you to:

• Improve animal performance
• Troubleshoot animal health issues
• Prevent spoiling of harvested and processed crops
• Prevent potential hazards for human health
• Ensure your products comply with health and safety regulations

ergot wheat green.jpgErgot Alkaloid Testing

Ergot is a sclerotium of the fungus Claviceps purpurea and some other Claviceps species that infect many wild grasses and cereals. Commonly infected cereals include: rye, wheat, barley, oats and triticale. Ergot can lead to the generation of lysergic acid that can lead to health risks in both humans and animals.

Noted effects of Ergot Alkaloids in livestock include:

- Reduced animal growth and feed consumption

- Increased risk of abortion, neonatal mortality and reduces lactation

Other observed effects include incoordination, breathing problems, diarrhea and gangrene of the feet, tail and ears, etc.

Actlabs is proud to provide with Ergot Alkaloids screen which includes:

- Ergocornine      - Ergocristine     - Ergocryptine

- Ergometrine      - Ergosine          - Ergotamine

close up fat very good.jpgFat Quality Analysis

Lipids commonly called fats and oils share many common chemistries and are analyzed to determine quality and or the physical properties of the compounds such as rancidity and stability. Rancidity results from oxidation of the lipids and the degradation process is known as oxidation. A variety of degradation chemicals are produced such as ketones, aldehydes and fatty acids. Stability is measured to determine the ability of the fat to resist the oxidation process or essentially its resistance to becoming rancid.

To help our customers determine the quality of their fat products Actlabs is pleased to provide fat quality package. 

- Iodine Value
- Peroxide Value
- Free Fatty acids
- Moisture
- Other analysis upon request

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