Disease Diagnostics

At Activation Laboritories Agriculture, we pride ourselves in offering customized solutions that fit your needs. From basic microbiological tests to more advanced genetic techniques we offer a variety of disease diagnostic solutions.

We are developing new tests that will offer DNA and multiplex technology for the agriculture inductry.

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  Salmonella Testing

Salmonella is major foodborne pathogen for humans and animals with severe consequences such as illness, high medical costs, animal production losses and possible mortality. Salmonella can be found anywhere throughout the food chain from ingredients used in animal feed to finished products for human consumption such as eggs, milk, fish and meat products. Salmonella, given the right conditions, can survive in:

- Animal feed for several years

- Soil and water for up to 5 month

- Dust for up to 80 days

- Food: butter for up to 200 days, milk for several months, meat for up to 6 months and eggs up to 7 months.

Actlabs offers a unique approach to Salmonella testing. Our method accurately identifies the presence or absence of Salmonella using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) molecular detection and gel electrophoresis.

PCR Benefits:

- Highly specific molecular diagnostic tools

- High sensitivity yet versatile

- Cost effective

- Faster TAT than traditional plating methods