About Us

Actlabs Agriculture Division was launched in 2012.  Our analysis services range from traditional soil and plant to complex pesticides, vitamins, mycotoxins, nutraceuticals, amino acids and many more.  Actlabs capabilities are virtually unmatched anywhere in the world.  Using our state-of-the-art systems such as LC/MS/MS, ICP/MS, and GC/MS we can respond effectively to all of your testing needs.  Actlabs Agriculture has developed several innovative technological improvements to traditional agriculture services.  These include disease diagnostic tests and GLP pesticide services for crop and soil dissipation studies.


Whether you require grass roots testing services or superior innovation and research capabilities our experienced scientists can help you solve virtually any analytical problem.


Corporate History

Dr._Eric_Hoffman_Picture2717.JPGActivation Laboratories Ltd. (Actlabs) was established in 1987 by Dr. Eric Hoffman, an economic geochemist.  The laboratory began by providing Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) to the academic, government and mineral exploration sectors.  The INAA technique which involves bombarding samples with neutrons from a nuclear reactor and measuring the induced gamma-ray "fingerprint" from the sample, non-destructively, was enthusiastically embraced by all as a highly accurate and cost-effective analytical technique for geological samples.

Since 1987 Actlabs has grown to offer high-quality, comprehensive analytical services to clients in over 90 countries through our global network of laboratories.  Working in GMP compliant, FDA registered and Health Canada licensed laboratories our highly qualified and experienced staff are capable of executing a vast array of analytical technologies to serve markets including Agricultural, Geochemical, Petroleum, Industrial Minerals, Forensic, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Food Production and Biomedical industries, among others.


Our Vision

To be recognized throughout the world as a leader in the analytical testing and development services in the agriculture, life sciences, minerals, environmental, forensics, and material testing markets.  To utilize new technologies and develop new methodologies before the competition to allow us to serve niche markets.


Mission Statement

  • Provide prompt, accurate, high quality and cost effective development and testing
  • Continuously improve performance and apply innovative technologies to allow us to solve difficult problems.
  • Employ highly competent personnel while creating a culture of pride in their work.
  • Contribute positively to the success of each of the industries that we serve.
  • Remain a good corporate citizen that practices long term, responsible and sustainable resource management and growth.


Our new 200,000 sq ft facility, Ancaster, ON, Canada

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