Where do I send my samples? 

Address of testing facility is:
41 Bittern St., Ancaster Ontario, L9G 4V5 – Agriculture Division 

How much sample do I need to send?

1.       Soil samples: 2 cups of soil or 500 gr.
2.       Plant tissue/feed /forage/toxins analysis: a full medium Ziploc bag   
3.       Pesticide analysis: a full medium size Ziploc bag with your sample. The sample(s) should be frozen and sent on dry ice if possible.  If not practical, freeze the samples and send overnight on ice in a cooler. 
4.       Water analysis: the quantity may vary depending on a package selected. Please contact the laboratory representative 

How do I check a status of my order? 

Please contact our administrative representative:
Phone 1.905.648.9611 ext. 224 

How do I pay if I am a new customer? 

Actlabs will require new customers to prepay for the analysis using their credit card. To establish a post-paid account with Actlabs customers must submit a filled out credit application form with at least 3 different references. Please see the form below.